Drusilla's Revenge

Project Type: Game Design, Graphic Design

Drusilla's Revenge

Our final project for Intro to Game Design was open-ended. I had worked with Chris and David on several other projects, and our most successful one was the social game, so we wanted a game with strong social elements. All of us are also interested in strategy roleplaying games, so we wanted to incorporate elements of that as well. Our idea eventually turned into a game with two levels: on the lowest level, it's a cooperative fantasy strategy roleplaying game inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and Dungeons & Dragons, but layered on top of that is a competitive social roleplaying game somewhat inspired by Clue.

This project was extremely ambitious, and I believe that we pulled it off really well given that we only had 3 weeks to do it (which also included Thanksgiving, when almost everyone was out of town and it was hard to get much work done). There were some gameplay issues that we didn't quite resolve, but for a game with this level of complexity, I think at least half a semester of play-testing would've been needed to make it a complete success.