Food Visualization

Project Type: Data Visualization, Interactive Applications

Food Consumption Visualization

For our final project for Computing in Design, the assignment was to do a computational information design piece. While this is something that would normally likely be done in Processing, the goal of this course was to develop skills in Flash, and so this project had to be implemented in Flash as well. However, we had complete freedom as to our subject matter and style of visualization, so long as it was interactive.

I found a data set containing statistics about per capita consumption of major food commodities in the U.S. from 1980 to 2005, and I decided to display the data in a very visual and playful way, focusing on allowing the user to make comparisons between food commodities and across time periods. My playful approach was also a good excuse to practice my skills in iconifying the various food groups; all of the various vector images featured in the application were hand-drawn in Illustrator (using some photos for reference).